Villages And Ports On Islay Island

Being termed an island you may find it incomprehensible that so much could fit within the landscape. Especially as Islay has a mountainous and hilly region which rises out of the sea, with cliffs and sloped beachheads.

However, this marvellous 'Queen of the Hebrides' as it is known, spans 239 square miles and while wildlife is abundant, the 3000 residents have certainly made a home for themselves. Here follows a very brief overview of the villages, sights and ports on the island of Islay.

The Capital Of Islay And Villages Abound

Bowmore is the capital of Islay and it is from here that the majority of bus services and activity takes place. While each of the other villages offer their own entertainment and distinct areas of beauty, alongside the neighbouring ports.

Visit Bridgend, Bruichladdich and Ballygrant to truly get a feel for island life: Islay Island Ports For Transport, Trips And To Visit

If you are wishing to take a more nostalgic journey to the island via boat, there are a great many ports which you can arrive and embark from. Taking you to different locations in Scotland, Northern Ireland and other islands in the Hebrides.

Quite remarkably, there is an Islay Airport, of which two airlines fly in business people, residents and tourists twice daily. Hebridean Air Services flies between Oban, Colonsay and Islay, with FlyBe operating out of Glasgow Airport. Meanwhile back to the boats. With the Island so close to the mainland many people who own their own yachts sail and visit locations around the UK. the majority of the ports enable you to dock, these are Port Ellen, Lagavulin, Portnahaven, Port Charlotte, Port Askaig, Caol Ila distillery and of course Bowmore.

There are a variety of sea transport links arriving and departing from Port Ellen, Port Charlotte, Portnahaven, Port Wemyss and Port Askaig.

Inland Lakes, Streams And Places Of Beauty On The Island Of Islay

There are fantastic views to be seen no matter which vantage point you rest your weary legs while traversing the wilds of this merry little Isle - though you'll find it's not so little. Visit one of two lakes, Loch Gorm and Loch Indaal are both large enough to provide several miles of inland beaches. At Loch Indaal you will find Bowmore, Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte and Port Wemyss and within reach of Loch Gorm, Saligo Bay, Kilchoman and Machir Bay to the south.

You can also visit Community Garden, The OA Peninsula, Atlantic Coast, Kildalton Cross, Kilnave Chapel and Cross and Claggain Bay.